As the name says, it’s our best program to align your CRM, processes and sales teams for better business acquisition.

We finish with it, but you should start
by rushing for it now.

Lord Louise spent 5 years developing a unique methodology, dividing each task of the business development processes. We thought about market intelligence. A lot. Then we went on CRM databases. We created one from scratch, adding every possible tools in Salesforce. Then we focused on inside sales team tactics, behavior and psychology. We hired Top Universities young wolves and trained them to create empathy, ask questions and be curious about the pains your targets have in their businesses. They became our outside sales team. YOUR team. To keep track of every needs and projects of your targets, we looked at pipeline management standards and created our own.

We finished with marketing automation best practices to include them in our day to day routines. We wrapped all that in a cloud experience to serve the best business development process, so you have 24/7 access to it online to pilot our team like you would call a cab using Uber. We topped it with Ivy League Lobbying capabilities. Finished ? Never, Sir. The Salescan never ends. At the same exact moment we give you the final Salescan Report & Recomandation Procedure, we proceed to connect your sales process to our Sales Reactor. Then the Business development game is on with Lord Louise. Want to join ? Take an appointment with our team now, assist to one of our presentations, send us a mail. Use which way suits you the most. We are here for you.

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Align your team with the Salescan

Lord Louise is co-sourcing top notch business acquisition processes between your team and our team. Remember the dental impression when you were a kid ? It has to match each of your own, special, personal tooth. We do the same for each of your sub-sale process, and adapt it to our methodology till it sticks. Strong. Like a dental impression. Without the fear of the dentist. We are Lords after all.

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8 processes for business success

We broke down a global business acquisition team tasks and detailed them in 40 sub-processes for successful business development norm. This norm is Lord Louise norm. We use it to hire our people, train them, and re-assemble for your benefit the best in class business acquisition process in the world. Then we start again.Read More »

A visual transcription of your sales process

We are like children. We like pictures. Before connecting it to our Sales Reactor, we take a photo of your business acquisition processes, and analyse each of it. Then we create a mindmap, a visual, simple mind map of it. Sales processes are like chains. If one link of a chain is not strong enough, the chain breaks. This is why so many business acquisition processes fail. They lack targets. They lack good inside sales. They lack data. They break on the follow up of each lead. With Lord Louise Sales Scan, we realign all those processes so they are as strong as a titanium chain. Then we connect your strengthened sales process to Lord Louise Sales Reactor. And we go together for success.Read More »

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