Lord Louise Sales Reactors operate for YOU in 73 countries.
EMEA, DACH, AMERICAS, here come the Lords.
International business exchanges have grown 1000% in 50 years. Here comes your growth. Here come your conquest. Go Grab the future of your company with Lord Louise International Sales capabilities.

Lord Louise can start you up in 73 countries

In 73 countries we can do research on your targets. Then we contact them on your behalf. We present to them your products and services. We send them marketing signals for many years. We negotiate with them. We do the offer and go to the closing. YOU MAKE THE DEAL and keep the value. Lord Louise makes international business development easy for you. No need to hire, train, let go people abroad. Lord Louise does it all for you. Connect now and chose our International Sales Reactor Programs.

Lord Louise is present in 162 Business networks worldwide to represent you

It took Lord Louise Company 15 years to create influence in many worldwide networks to be able to represent your interest at Board Level. This influence is yours, using our exclusive Transitivity Influence Signals Impact programs. Go for it NOW. Our influence is YOURS.

Lord Louise has media coverage wordwide in 65 countries to represent your interests and grow your brand awareness

Being known in the territories you are aiming is a major key to doing business. We implement your media and marketing campaign to create strong and long lasting business conversations with your BtoB target throughout 3 to 5 years business campaigns.


Lord Louise is present where the business is. Final dot.

Lord Louise is present where the business is. Final dot.

Lord Louise is present in every major business capitals in the world. For You.Read More »

Multinational unified reporting

Every aspect of your international sales strategy is conceived, executed, followed, updated and reported with the same rules. International business development has never been so easy.Read More »

One price fits all

The same processes all over the world. For maximum sales development value. At the same price everywhere. No exception.

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Develop faster

You can develop your business faster with Lord Louise. As soon as your offer is ready, we deploy at lightning speed worldwide.Read More »

Time is money

Your investors want fast results. Make your company global born using Lord Louise international sales programs.

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Try. Abort. Try again later

Lord Louise helps you trying and testing markets at speed light. Aborting operations if success is to slow. Come back again when your are ready. Maximum sales capacity flexibility. We execute your sales strategy for you.

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The most effective Business Development platform in the world