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What is the cost of Lord Louise ?

Lord Louise Company creates value by splitting the overall business development process in 8 different tasks and put Master’s level specialists in duty for each of those added value tasks. As we mutualize some of those tasks with other BtoB multinational companies, our cost will be competitive with any internal process, with better business development return on investment.

Lord Louise value is brought throughout our Sales Reactor, a 3 to 5 years duration contract bringing monthly, weekly, daily sub-processes business acquisition value. Lord Louise Sales Reactor can be considered as the 13th guy in the sales team. The value is based on a monthly fee, all inclusive, from data collection to economic intelligence, including inside sales, outside sales, marketing automation and full pipeline management.

Our teams are in charge of sales pitches, and for some of our customers we go by to even draft the business offers for them. Lord Louise sales Reactor Operates from target recognition to closing, including international cross-selling and up-selling.

Every action of Lord Louise is followed in our CRMs, and brings its full value to your team. You can even measure the Market Feedback your product or service receives from the market in real time. Visit our Pricing Page to chose which Sales Reactor Programs suits your company best. And you don’t have to go for the full package at the beginning.

Why are you based in Switzerland ?

Switzerland is renowned for being the #1 country in the world for productivity rankings – OECD report 2015 – . Geneva and Zurich are listed in top 5 of best places to live by Deloitte International Study. Those factors help Lord Louise attract and keep the best talents for your business development strategies. Switzerland also has strong Universities track record both for Business with Universitat St Gallen and Engineering with EPFL and ETHZ, ranked 12th in the world just behind Ivy League Universities.

Are you a lobbying company ?

Lord Louise is not a lobbying company. Lobbying is the act of attempting to influence decisions made by officials in the government, most often legislators or members of regulatory agencies. Professional lobbyists are people whose business is trying to influence legislation on behalf of a group or individual who hires them. Lord Louise strategical positioning is to help private companies, publicly owned or not, develop their businesses worldwide with other private companies. We use the same methodologies, but don’t apply them to public laws. We apply our knowledge to business.

Can you train my Salesteam ?

Lord Louise recruits its Lords and Ladies in the Best Business and Engineering universities. They are trained at Lord Louise Academy using the best e-learning facilities, methodologies, with our proven negotiation skills. Your team will benefit all this knowledge, as our people will work together on long periods of time. We do not believe in re-engineering and change management – it’s strange, considered we are people from Accenture -. We think that connecting your people to our Sales Reactor is the fastest way and brings you the strongest value. You will benefit from the thousands of training hours of our teams without having to train yours. Just by starting one of our business development programs. Lord Louise is technically not a coaching and sales training company. But as we work with the leading BtoB brands in the world on their best sales practices, your teams will benefits throughout what our team does of the best worldwide BtoB sales practices. They will be able to slowly learn by the example. Slowness it the only way to change people, as people will never, ever change if you push too hard, especially the fragile, subtle, BtoB salesteam population. Don’t train your people. Why master skills you can just harness through us ? Simply connect to Lord Louise Sales Reactor and start making business faster.

Do you replace my Salesteam ?

No. Lord Louise is not an outsourcing company for the sales process. This has been invented, along with lead generation companies, a while ago. Lord Louise is the overall player for business acquisition processes. Outside sales is just a small part of what we can do for your company. Lord Louise does not operate staff delegation for elite salespeople, even if we do hire, train elite salespeople in our ranks. We do connect your sales team to our Sales Reactor, composed of many specialists of various sub-tasks of the overall business development process. When we started Lord Louise a few years ago we thought that lead generation and inside sales would be enough to help our customers. By doing so, we forgot that our customers had the same trouble maintaining a high standard process for outside sales, marketing automation, till the bid process and the closing. Step by step, we have added the overall sub-tasks of the overall business development process. Seen from the point of view of your salesteam, Lord Louise is an elite service company that will help for economic intelligence – your salesteam has no time to do it -, database creation of targets – your salesteam doesn’t like to do it- . Then our teams take business meetings on your behalf for your senior salesteam – yours don’t like to do it -. Eventually our pipeline managers debrief each meeting your salesteam had in the field in our CRMs to which you have real time full access – your salesteam doesn’t like to debrief -. We finish the process with marketing automation and bid & offers capabilities. Seen from the point of view of your salesteam Lord Louise is more an Elite Concierge Business that will help them attain their high objectives, focusing on what they like most: negotiating with your prospects, asking for their business pains and bringing value and your business solutions to them.

Can we buy or rent addresses from your database ?

No you can’t – We keep them in an encrypted vault in Switzerland -. For real, we don’t sell our databases. It took Lord Louise more than ten years to create the methodologies to link people in organisations the way we do. We have more than 120 fields of data for any people at C-level in our databases. More than 50 different fields describing the companies, their holdings and power-map, turnovers in each country, and needs. Only our clients benefit from Lord Louise knowledge. One day, we thought about what would happen if someone had access to all our database. This would cause no trouble. You know why ? Because the secret lies in the ability to update the database, not in the ability to stock data. As 25% of C-level change jobs every year, what is precious for you connecting to our Sales Reactor and our databases is our way to manually update, day by day, with trained people at Master’s Degree level, each subtle data you could need. Our way of updating data is more precious than the data itself. Connect !

In which Countries and territories can you help my sales ?

In any territory, we should start with you on up-selling and cross-selling to your existing customers. For those tasks we can operate from our Headquarters. Then, we hunt new key accounts for your subsidiaries abroad. As we already told you, we are able to connect your best sales representatives and key accounts with 80% of the targets you are aiming. This performance means we only need 125 targets to create 100 business opportunities for you abroad. What does this mean ? The answer is plain and simple : It will take us less then one week to manually create a list of 125 C-level targets in any country. Then, the game is on ! Anywhere. Once we have started in this country, it leaves our joint teams plenty of time to add new targets, week after week, with our Data Analyst. Instant Game is on ! We have networks in 73 countries and can help you with no delay. Cherry on the cake, all our customers are aiming the same Forbes 500 companies in the world and their subsidiaries, and we have already entered them in our databases systems, immediately available through our mobile application to your sales teams all over the world. Game On !

How does billing work? What is the entry price for Lord Louise services ?

Lord Louise bills a monthly fee based on the processes covered for your teams. The contracts are pluri annual, usually 3 years for Mid Cap and 5 years for Large Enterprise. Usually, companies spend 5 to 7% of their turnover for their business acquisition processes.

Can you help us in France, England, Italy, Spain, Deutschland ?

Lord Louise operates throughout all majors international business zones. We can help you from EMEA to US, to ASIA. Continental Europe is definitely a strong shot for Lord Louise.

I am still a student, do you have internship positions available ?

Lord Louise inboards less and less interns. We only chose some that may start their careers at Lord Louise, as we spend a lot of time training them and teaching them Salesforce CRM. If you are interested in starting a career at Lord Louise, go to our careers section. You will also discover the values that make Lord Louise the Leader in Business Development.

We are a small company, can you help us ?

Small companies have the same needs as bigger or older companies. The only limit to our team helping you for your business development is we use simultaneously 8 people capabilities to help our customers. Our business development packages start at a minimum of the cost of one senior salesman fully charged, on an annual basis. For this cost you have the value of 8 people. Contact us with our online chat now to save time to now more or look at our pricing page.

Can you help us integrate in our company ?

No Sir. We are not a consulting Firm. We are doers and the value we bring is pure and full money from your new customers. We are proud of putting all our value in bringing you money. We don’t want to cost you any computing fees or software licences or upgrading. We sell growth, we don’t sell consulting. Consulting only costs. We are experts on CRMs. As we work with dozens of Forbes 500 companies, we have gathered all their best business development practices. We definitely could put Salesforce, SAP, Oracle or any CRM in place for your team. We found it faster and more efficient to connect your CRMs to ours using Web Services Connector. You keep control of your pipeline, your data, and connect immediately to one of the most sophisticated and complete BtoB database in the World. Lord Louise’s. This is why we call it the Sales Reactor. Just connect your sales teams to it !

Are you a consulting company ?

We are proud not to be a consulting company. We respect them, our founders come from Accenture notably, but are proud to consider our teams as doers. We have nothing to teach you, we take charge of your business acquisition processes and bring money through it to your company. We should bring more than we cost, and deliver full value. Final dot.

What is the background of your team ?

Most of Lord Louise team comes from the best worldwide Universities, and own a Master’s Degree or MBA. Go check them on Linked’in, we know you will. We are establishing the standard for business acquisition triple A level capabilities. This gives the opportunities to Lord Louise teams to have an experience of BtoB sales at the Highest level. We hire Private Bankers, marketer, Key account managers coming from the most renowned Forbes 500 companies. Working at Lord Louise is for them the opportunity to join the elite firm for business development. More than 30% of our team comes from HEC Paris.

We are based on SAP CRM, can you still help US ?

What are CRMs ? Basically, a CRM is only a recollection of data linked to accounts, contacts and business opportunities. We are sure you have spent millions selecting and implementing your CRM. Then a few millions training your salesteam on it. Or trying to. Technique is never the trouble. The issue is always in the use of technology. Lord Louise teams are trained to connect to any CRMs on the market using Web Services. We ensure your sales acquisition process business continuity, integrity, coherence and value. Our teams will input the data in the system. I insist : We won’t let your team enter the data in your own CRM. We have trained people about syntax, semantics of lead opportunities. It took us years to do so with Master’s Degree people. The CRM you use is not important. What is important is the guarantee Lord Louise brings to you that every data will be inputed, followed and dully upgraded in your system. Whichever it is. We have migrated dozens of CRMs to our databases, and vice versa. Information in itself has no importance. The value Lord Louise brings to you is the continuous enrichment of this data, throughout marketing and sales signal management. We create, build and maintain business conversations between your sales teams and your prospects. Only those conversations count. They can be written on papyrus, Macs, PCs, CRMs, only their continuous updating has value. This is what we do at Lord Louise. We are the modern CRMs Scribes. Swiss Scribes.

Tell me more about your target database at C level.

Let me tell you a secret. When we started Lord Louise in 2010, we thought accumulating tens of thousands of C-level executives in Forbes 500 companies was the best way to connect to them. This is partially true. Today we have more than 10.000 companies and 20.000 C-level executives in our databases. CIO, CFO’s, CEO, Buyers, VP HR and Presidents of Boards. Our Masters’s degree teams update their information, manually, daily. We only change an information when it has been double checked with a human brain. We love computers, and would not have been able to create Lord Louise without thousands of conception of the links in our Salesforce Database. But most of all, we have developed unique communication, negotiation and empathy skills in our teams. Those connecting skills, better than any database, enable us to reach 80% of the C-level people in any company you would aim around the world.

Why did you chose the name of Lord Louise ?

Lord Louise sets a standard for business development acceleration worldwide. We wanted a name you will remember – you do, don’t you -, a name that would emphasize our Swiss Quality. A name that would express the ability for developing your business all around the planet, synonym of elegance, creativity and quality, 3 values you have to master at the best level to embody a better sales development team. A synonym of service quality. Business development is about drive. It should’t be about ego. Lord Louise brands aims to bring energy to your business development processes and teams. Thus our positioning, the visual and language tone of this site and our communication. We should bring business value without ego. This is what Lord Louise brand is all about.

Are you a lead generation company ?

We are a lead generation company. We are also a business database company. And also a networking company. And also a marketing automation company. And so on… When we focused on defining what we do, we put it clear that our goal is to bring you financial resources throughout best in class business acquisition processes so you can live up to your vision. What does this mean ?

When we created Lord Louise, we understood that sales have been let alone the road for 50 years now. Every other process in your company has evolved. IT has evolved strongly, with ERP Finance made a giant leap. HR has evolved strongly, as communication and marketing have. Sales ? No clue. Nothing happened, except the arrival of CRMs, children of ERPs, conceived by number people to number people.

Don’t you see the glitch ? Salesmen and sales teams are not number people. They are – sometimes – talented artists which goal is to create empathy and to ask questions. When major companies asked us to help them in growing their sales, in their home countries and abroad, we asked us a simple question : If we had no budget limit, how would we conceive the best business development process possible ? We analyzed the best lead generation companies, lobbying companies, CRM software, marketing automations suites, and came back with a simple fact.

To operate the sales acquisition process at its best, we have to master simultaneously all those disciplines, from data to lead generation to pipeline management to BtoB marketing to negotiating skills. We created a skilled team with expertise in every of those fields, carefully connected all those capabilities and knowledge, closed the bonnet and called it the Sales Reactor.

As every process, the sales process is a chain, only as strong as its weakest part. We bring to you the strongest value chain in business development. This is why Lord Louise aims to be the #1 worldwide brand for business development capabilities at BtoB level. Try us ! As every salesman, we like challenges.

Do you do sales & marketing automation ?

A lot is being said and done – or not – behind the word marketing automation, and the convergence between sales and marketing, technically enabled by modern CRMs systems. At Lord Louise, our job is to create, nurture and lead business conversations between your sales teams and your targets and accompany them to the closing step. We do so by doing inside and outside sales campaign to create the conversation. Then we help your marketing and communication team maintain this conversation with your prospects by sending signals such as events, webinars, e-news, Christmas cards or anniversary cards. We maintain an alternance of strong selling signals with physical meeting and weak signals like marketing signals so that your targets thinks about your company and your value proposition when a project, RFI or RFP is arising. We keep track of this in Salesforce using Marketo or Exact Target, leading to a full, integrated marketing automation.

How old is Lord Louise Company ?

Lord Louise has been operating for five years in high level Business Development capabilities. Lord Louise is an active and high level brand, pushing the envelope of modern sales, CRM and marketing convergence. Lord Louise goal is to bring back sales as the center of the game for best students of triple A worldwide Universities. Lord Louise will restore the prestige of sales as the direct way to C-level positions in companies.

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