Key Account Management

Join our world class Key Account Management programs and grab more value out of each of your Major Key Accounts.

Let me give you one Example.

Nestlé Holding. In our beloved Switzerland. This Holding regroups more than 53 sister companies with distinct brands. Thousands of C-Level people interconnected to contact for your sales team.

How do you coordinate that today ? How do you take into account that 25% of those C-level people, just at Nestlé’s, will have left the company by the end of this year ? How do you maintain the Business Conversation with those targets ? This is Lord Louise job.

We proudly coordinate the Key Account Management policy of dozens of multinational Worldwide. Join our world class Key Account Management programs and grab more value out of each of your Major Key Accounts.

Business Conversation Programs for your Major Key Accounts

Remember this circus performance when you were young ? An artist playing with hundreds of plates, instable at the ends of rods. The artist giving small impulses to each rod every second to maintain the plates in equilibrium and keep balance. Each business lead is a fragile plate you have to maintain and carefully nurture. Lord Louise keeps balance for more than 1500 major targets simultaneously for its customers all around the world. We create, maintain and bring your business conversations with hundreds of your targets – We told you you would like Swiss precision –Read More »

Managing Complexity

You like managing complexity ? At Lord Louise, it has been our job for 5 years. It might not be coincidence that Salesforce, our CRM provider, is also our customer. You can’t keep thousands of business conversations and opportunities up to date without semantic specialization. Yes, we have linguistic and semantic specialists at Lord Louise. Why ? We have noticed that our beloved outside sales forces tend to be as solid in creating psychological and business bonds as they are weak at letting any kind of usable information in your multimillion dollars CRM systems. We help you manage the complexity of this business data continuously evolving flow. Discover how now, create the conversation with us. We don’t bite, we make business.Read More »

Empower your Sales Team. Keep the control of the relationship

It’s nice to give your key accounts manager the key to billion dollars revenue flow for your firms. It’s better to keep the ownership of the business conversation the property of your firms. This is what our Business Lead Ownership programs grants. Your lawyers will thank Lord Louise.Read More »

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