CRM coordination

Sales is a numbers game. We added Swiss precision to your Business Data

The Game is on. It’s called CRM.

Customer Relationship Management. No CRM, no gain. Still, coordination of data entry, data cleaning, data structure is the key to successful modern business development processes. This is a young field of business. Consider that Salesforce is only 16 years old.

We are not CRM implementors. We leave that to Bluewolf and Kerensen, they do it with grace. We come afterwards, when people have to be motivated to get down on the field, objectives acquired, and data has to be entered by your salesteam. This is our game. We are proud to be the “Sales Doers” at Lord Louise. Come meet us. Let’s sell together. Let us sell for you. We would be proud to represent you.

For Data Quality, Trust Lord Louise

For this data quality, you can trust Lord Louise. We work with linguistic and language specialists to ensure every account, contact, opportunity tells the business story correctly and lead to new business, upselling or cross-selling. And we have a secret. Each of our thousands of accounts, contacts, business opportunities and marketing automation signals are entered manually by Master’s Degree Lord Louise quality fanatic employees. ONLY MBA’s. Believe us, this makes the Swiss quality. We leave the holes for our famous cheese, not your data.Read More »

CRM is no discipline, it's an Art

You like managing complexity ? At Lord Louise, it has been our job for 5 years. It might not be coincidence that Salesforce, our CRM provider, is also our customer. You can’t keep thousands of business conversations and opportunities up to date without semantic specialization. Yes, we have linguistic and semantic specialists at Lord Louise. Why ? We have noticed that our beloved outside sales forces tend to be as solid in creating psychological and business bonds as they are weak at letting any kind of usable information in your multimillion dollars CRM systems. We help you manage the complexity of this business data continuously evolving flow. Now.Read More »

The value of your company = the value of your CRM data

Because your sales pipelines draws the future of your sales action, your turnover, your profits and measures your market shares, it’s the most important index of valorisation for your private equity funds, shareholders and members of the board. More pipeline, more business, more value. Who said CRM could actually be fun ? We do.Read More »

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