Private Equity Funds

For the first time, you can act on the Sales Process to create value, and sell your companies faster at higher price
You could outsource IT, HR, Marketing with leading firms in the world. Lord Louise is THE brand to gain grip on the Business Development process, one of the most forgotten processes of re-engineering to create value. You have no time for re-engineering. 5 years is too short. We don’t either ! Gain grip and multiply value between 1 to 3 years.

Raise capital faster

Lord Louise can help you raise capital for your funds using its connections to hundreds of banks, Funds of Funds, Multi-Family and family offices, and UHNW in France, England and Switzerland. Lord Louise has established trust links with those financial actors for decades, and accelerates your fundraising operations to targets you hadn’t reached before.

Multiply your gains

Accelerate Growth. Develop International Sales. Activate Build & Buy cross firms strategies. We can help you create value to sale your companies at higher price, sooner. Discover Lord Louise Sales Reactor Programs for Private Equity Firms.

Reduce the Cost of Sales Operations

We hired the best people, put CRM capabilities at their best, top notch processes and mutualized all that can be mutualized. Lord Louise costs only a fraction of the effort you should do to recreate the 8 processes we embody, are accountable for and coordinate for your sales. Get more for less.

Gain absolute control on the sales process & reporting

When you acquire a company, you acquire the sales team. What a joke. With allies like sales teams, you don’t need enemies. Our Sales Lords are reliable, processed, experts, more qualified, more trained, and apt to enter data and value in the CRMs for you to control.

Your people talk to ours at same level

We hired people from the best Business and Engineers Universities. Only them. So they can interact with your top notch teams at the same level. Try it !

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You valuate the best funders team ? We hired the best salesmen team

Process, people, people, people. You value the management teams. We value elite sales team. Discover how we created the leading brand for high level business development acceleration.

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Lord Louise establishes the new Business Development Norm in the World

More than a brand, we establish a new quality Norm for business development elite processes in the world. A lot of value can come through establishing our Salescan Procedures and connect to our International Sales Reactor.

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Best CRM, best processes, best team, best brand for the business development of your equity participations

Why do we take best location in town for our offices, offer best packages to our employees, and create the most attractive brand for Business Development ? To get the best. Best students normally go to… Private equity ;), consulting, banks and audit firms. Now they go to Lord Louise, and you benefit from it. Directly.

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Reach international sales goal faster

Growth is in international cross selling, up selling and international key account development and policies of the firms you acquired. We make this happen faster, much faster, as we work with Forbes 500, CAC 40, Footsie companies and are already connected to all of them. The Sales Reactor is an impressive network of sales connection in the best firms, at C level, in all functional departments. Try us.Read More »

Merge sales culture for your Buy & Build strategies faster

When you do Buy & Build Operations, you have no time to create a common sales culture in the companies you acquired and merged to create a world leader. You don’t have to. We manage, coordinate everything from the outside with our Special Buy & Build Sales Operations.

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The most effective Business Development platform in the world