Meet the team behind Lord Louise

Behind every great value added is a great team

Global Leadership

Jean-Charles Méthiaz

Hec Paris alumni. Jean-Charles Méthiaz is the founder and acting CEO of Lord Louise. He worked at Accenture in Paris, then in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego as Head of Studios for Titus, a leader in worldwide video game industry.Send mail to Jean-Charles Méthiaz »

Xeniia Gavrilenko

Hec Paris alumni. Xeniia Gavrilenko Méthiaz is co-founder and COO of Lord Louise. She began her career at Michelin in Russia for Key account management and marketing, then had responsibilities for finance at ILO headquarters in Geneva.Send mail to Xeniia Gavrilenko »

Team Lord Louise Geneva Headquarters

 – How a typical Lord Louise Business Cell is structured –

Data Analysts Experts

Lord Louise has a team of Data Analysts who take into account or put in place your business acquisition strategy. Lord Louise Data Analysts use and maintain Lord Louise databases of C-level targets, and create pools of targets and strategies for Lord Louise Go To Market Specialists. All Data Analysts at Lord Louise have a Master’s degree of Business Administration or Engineering.

Go to Market Specialists

Lord Louise has a team of Go to Market specialists who contact your targets on your behalf. All Go To Market specialists at Lord Louise have been business owners or benefit from a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Lord Louise Go To Market Specialist deal daily only with C level people and are experts in BtoB negotiation and sales strategies and closing. They represent your brand on the field, at the best possible level.

Pipeline Managers

Lord Louise has a team of Pipeline Managers who are dedicated business people on your behalf. They work daily with your salesteam to focus on the hottest business opportunities. They organize a laser sharp follow up of each of your business opportunities, and operate them in our Salesforce instances. Lord Louise Pipeline Managers are also responsible for your marketing automation strategies operated by Lord Louise.

Outside Sales Professionals

Lord Louise has a team of Outside Sales specialists who can negotiate for your customers from first pitch to closing. Lord Louise outside sales specialists all have a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and have worked for the most prestigious BtoB companies and brands. Try them !

Lord Louise advising committee

Lord Louise has a permanent advising committee of 8 members.

They all come from international backgrounds.

They hold General Managing positions in multi-billion dollars worldwide leaders.

They are part of Lord Louise networks and advise on global strategies.