International Sales Coordination.

The nightmare of any major company is the globalization issues of its international sales policies. The answer might be a Small Swiss company. Say Lord Louise. Ran like Swiss Clockwork.

Coordinating an international sales strategy is almost impossible for Forbes 500 companies.

The disparity of your CRM’s & ERP systems prevents any global effort of coordination, provided that your internal politics would allow it.

The multiplicity of intricate layers of sales teams worldwide creates a mismatch in your sales strategy implementation. The diversity of the sales cultures of the companies you acquired and put behind your global brand banners, added to cultural disparity in your teams blocks sales transitivity and cooperation in your teams.

Why not think about letting the coordination be done by Lord Louise, using International Lord Louise Sales regulation and optimization Programs ? Your international Development agenda just starts here !

Do you get better sales coordination from the inside or the outside of your company ?

Would you dare to give an external partner the charge to coordinate your international sales strategies ? Most of us would answer NO to this question. Now think about this with another angle. If you consider that a company is only made of two parts, the production site – of goods or services – and the supply chain of orders – the sales process – does it seem logical NOT to separate the factory from the source of electricity ? Who would want to run an electric plant INSIDE its own production site ? Wouldn’t it be better use of mutualisation power to coordinate all the order supplies from outside the production site ? This is what we do at Lord Louise. For 5 years, we have been working with dozens of Forbes 500 companies. They all but fail in coordinating their international sales strategy. This would be a casual business joke if this didn’t cost them billions in lost cross selling opportunities. And as the old say, the first source of business is actual customers. It is so much easier to develop a me too effect if you already work with a global company in another country, that we should think twice before letting those business opportunities go. Ready to join International Sales Management in a globalized world ? Go for exclusive International Sales Program coordination by Lord Louise now.Read More »

M&A made you grow, now you have to integrate the sales cultures

Most companies put an ERP and pray that their subsidiaries will work together. Then they put a CRM and pray again so that their sales teams work hand in hand all over the world. This makes a lot of prayers in our material world. As we all know, the most difficult part of M&A, causing a 50% failure of all operations, is cultural differences between the teams. And one of the most difficult processes to homogenize is sales process. At Lord Louise, all our team are trained to the Core values of sharing leads and information. When they work for many of your subsidiaries, the information is shared, not lost or hidden. Perhaps the Swiss notion of consensus. To discover how we can help you improve your International Sales Transitivity, contact us now.Read More »

How can you coordinate your worldwide CRM's ? You can't !

Some of our customers have no CRM’s at all. Fair enough. Most of them have one. Many of them, amongst our multinational global customers, have many. One of them even has 52 distinct instances of the same CRM all around the world. Of course, they aren’t connected. Feel that familiar ? This customer calls it the ‘onion ring effect’. You add layers and layers of CRMs, consulting and training. Costs a lot, for no result on the battlefield of sales. At Lord Louise, we give the same story a different angle. WE connect all your CRMs together in ONE instance of our own, that we manage, enter data in, clean for you. Everything your worldwide teams do for customer acquisition becomes clear. You keep the data. We take the pain of their regulation. It’s a lot of coordination work for us, but Switzerland companies are known to have the virtue of patience. CRM’s are great. Lord Louise teams make them talk together. Discover how.Read More »

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