About Lord Louise

Lord Louise has been created to serve your business goals.

Lord Louise has been created to serve your business goals.

It’s also an open platform for business development. If you are a well connected company or individual, check our partnership programs in this section, Lord Louise is always seeking for fruitful partnerships.

You will also discover our team, our alumni section to keep in touch. Business development takes time and connections.

Lord Louise as a platform

If you are an experienced businessman or talented business developer who wants to work on your own, Lord Louise offer many possibilities to work together, on site or on remote. Check our partnership programs or contact us on our Live Chat below ! We could do great things together.


Lord Louise invests a lot in people, in trainings and hiring top Business and Engineering Universities Throughout the world. Check our offers and join the Lord Louise Business & Negociation Academy this summer or for your one year break. Apply now !

Press and content

In our press section you will discover articles about business development, and business materials from the best available sources. Also think to check our business development blog, frequently updated, and follow us on Linked’in, Twitter, Facebook with specific content for each media. Lord Louise brings to you the last breakthroughs in business development management, IT and branding tools.


Lord Louise one day, Lord Louise always. We take care of people that have made a career at Lord Louise, as they will be the leaders of tomorrow.

Team Lord Louise

No pain, no gain. No team, no game. We choose the best people, train them and compose teams of business developers that fit your needs. Discover some of us there.

History, Value, Brand

We took maximum care in creating Lord Louise, an elite brand for business development programs you will have pleasure, we hope, to work with. Discover also our job offers in this section. If there is no open job, please send us an open candidature, we keep the best resumes for months till the best opportunity comes for you.

The most effective Business Development platform in the world