Export Programs. Your international business development strategy operated by Lord Louise

In war tactics, it’s all about projection and logistics. Leave the 5% genius for your marketing guys.

When you want to open a new territory, think about Lord Louise first.

No need to open an office. No need to hire lawyers. No need to understand taxes and cultures.

No need to hire, manage, let go people and start again. Just plug the International Sales Reactor of Lord Louise. In any country. Let Lord Louise be the Swiss Guard of the Vatican for your international Sales.

Dedicated. Precise. Immediately operational. Reliable.

Immediate action and Sales ROI on any given territory

Wanna conquer Europe ? Discover UK or continental markets ? Our Sales Team Projection facilities makes implementing your sales strategy abroad a tactical game. Play Sales for the World !Read More »

Next Quarter Sales Data have to be up. Go for Quick Win

Private Equity Funds are fair but tough. Show strong value and growth margins on the initial investment. The easiest way to Grow fast and sell the company at higher value is to tap in existing markets and customers. Discover Lord Louise Worldwide Key Account Management, International Cross and Upselling Sales programs. Why not sale to your overall portfolio of Forbes 500 companies in all the markets they are present. Go Grab this huge value pocket NOW !Read More »

Make your Firm speak with a single Business Development voice

How can you make your dozens subsidiaries use the same business development voice all over the world ? By using Lord Louise Uniformisation Sales Signals programs. Discover How.Read More »

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