Lord Louise for Industries

Lord Louise helps mature industries and Engineers sell for the 21th century
One man’s “magic” is another man’s engineering. “Supernatural” is a null word.

– Robert A. Heinlein – Starship Troopers author

Your Engineers make it. Lord Louise sells it.

We live in a world of specialization. For engineering the best products, your are the boss. To sell them, we can help you. Let’s discover how.

Selling is part art, part process. Hopefully you will understand the process part.

We are able to connect with 80% of the targets you chose to contact at C-level. Because we are good technicians, trained and disciplined. Certainly. But mostly because we hire the best people who have a gift to create empathy, ask questions to your target and pass a clean ball to you when closing times come. We love the craftsmanship of Sales at Board level.

One layer of IT, one layer of process, one layer of talent to help your sales department.

Talent would be nothing without our database. We entered manually each of our 10 thousands companies and 20 thousands people we can connect you with. We believe in process as much as you do. We invented nothing, but simply focus on what we do, on daily basis, and try to do it better everyday. A littel bit like engineers.

Control our sales team action for you throughout our online platform

We give you 24/7 access to every move our team makes for you on the chessboard. You can comment, react, change the behavior of your Lords with a click. We have made something more objective with such a subjective subject as sales. This should reassure you to at last get a grip on the sales process.Read More »

We ask the pain of your prospects, you make the technical deal

At Lord Louise, we like to play Lego. We have divided the sales BtoB process in 8 colorful blocks to play with. We only play with the needed bricks you don’t like. We let you toy with what you prefer. We can also do it all for you. Give us your choice.Read More »

Our inside salesmen team creates empathy with the target before your outside sales team goes on the ground to make the deal

When sales gets technical, some companies send engineers to sell and forget to create empathy. We help you creating a ground of business friendship with your targets prior to the moment you meet them. Everything is documented so you have insights about them and grip about the business conversation to come. You like to come prepared. We like it also.Read More »

We split the sales process in 8 sub processes we are accountable for you

Data analysis, databases, inside sales, outside sales, pipeline management, marketing automation, offers and negotiation, reporting. Compose your menu, we will do exactly what is needed and only what is needed so that your overall process throughout those 8 steps is rock solid. Sales can be engineered, too.Read More »

We are proud to be sales doers. We do it at Master’s degree only to talk to your engineers

Your engineers will talk at same level of education with our Go To Market Specialist. A minimum Master’s Degree. They will share cloud computing knowledge, ERP and CRM solid knowledge, and will have the same comprehension of the stakes of modern business. Culture matters for success. We will match yours.Read More »

Our Data Analysts talk to your engineers. We are data obsessed people, to make the deal faster

You like numbers ? We LOVE them. We follow every lead with obsession till the closing, prioritize them. Chose and change angle of sales, power map in real time. And we love iterative processes with learning curve. And we try to learn fast from your markets. For that purpose, we have developed unique technical solutions. Discover them now.Read More »

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