Sales Reactor Programs

The Most Popular of all our Business Acceleration Plans.

The Most Popular of all our Business Acceleration Plans.

Gets you on any domestic or international market in one month. Eligible for multinational companies. No re-engineering needed. We come from Accenture, but have found new ways.

Extreme Sales Performance

Lord Louise Sales Reactor is a mix of lobbying, Economic intelligence, Big Data, Salesforce latest CRM functionalities. As a standard, it includes Inside and Outside Sales at top level, hired, trained and managed by Lord Louise from best Business, Law and Engineering Universities. Then we top it with BtoB marketing automation, Pipeline Management. We finish with Instant Reporting to your Sales Management, online, and you gest a test of our #1 best seller business package. Get the Reactor !Read More »

The Value of 8 processes

Our dedicated team includes Data Analysts, Inside Sales, Outside Sales, Pipeline Managers, Marketing Automation Specialist, all together acting like a Sales Reactor Department for maximum revenue output for you. You get the value of 8 people for the salary of 2.Read More »

Sales & Marketing re-invented

Lord Louise Sales Reactor sends buying signals to your BtoB targets at C-level on a continuous basis. It combines quick win and long term effect. Contact us now to get more of Lord Louise Sales Reactor Now. After all, you might be interested !Read More »

Sales Made simple

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a sales team connected to the management, engaged with the strategy of the company, adaptable to any change in the market ? Our Sales Lords are experts in sales but before everything they work at your service, with the advantage of flexibility at high performance of service. Try Them !Read More »

The most effective Business Development platform in the world